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Thursday, August 16, 2012



By Nerola  (Rolie) Grady

My family is preparing for a trip in the next few days.  Isn’t it amazing how much work goes into planning for a few days of R and R?  That made me think of the following prayer exercise that you can do by yourself or with a group in the comfort of your own home.

Provide pencil and paper for each person.  Imagine you have arrived at a way-station on your spiritual journey.  Picture a lovely, relaxing place where you can become spiritually refreshed.  See yourself resting there with Jesus.  Let His peace fill you.  (pause)  When the time comes to continue the journey, everyone ponders these questions.

1.        What do I need to pack for the rest of my journey? 

2.       What shall I leave behind?

3.       What do I need to acquire so I can complete my journey?

After a time of silence, check to see if anyone needs more time.  Let each person share his/her answer to all three questions.  It seems best if you really listen to what others are saying from their heart.

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