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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Still Standing

By Helen Knueven

There breathes a certain company of people
Unimpressed with themselves
Still standing – to give honor to His name.

The enemy can’t rejoice against this nation
When they fall – they do arise
Still standing – to his horrified surprise.

There lives a unique family related
By the blood of Jesus Christ
Still standing – unshakable in the shakings

There thrives a select group of folks, as one,
Who love the name of Christ
Still standing – with expectancy.

This company of people, brought close by His presence
Are a joyful crowd of because they know
The Master’s love, The Savior’s touch
Still standing – receiving strength.

Lord, give me this certain company of people
Gone through the fire, Called from the wilderness
Still standing - by your grace

My heart is warmed when I think that we
sharpened each others’ blades, readied ourselves,
Still standing – we have been changed

If I have to go to war – let it be with these
Who counted the cost, and called it pocket change
Still standing – for the glory of the call.


  1. Beautiful, Helen. Love the line, "Who counted the cost, and called it pocket change."

  2. "...and having done all, to stand..."

    As you said, "still standing - unshakeable in the shakings."

    Good job!