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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


By Jeannette Doran

In summer we rejoice in the abundance.
We take time to enjoy all that our God has so graciously
given in the fruit of our labors. As our hearts are filled we
share out of plenty. Gifting others with our overflow of
tomatoes, cucumbers and other garden fruit.
We give from our spiritual bounty as well our material
profusion. How true it is that as we give to others we always
seem to be left with a sufficient amount. We find that not
only are our needs fulfilled but our desires are often satisfied
as well. With the virtue of gift giving the reality becomes
that the more we give the more we actually do
receive. As we learn to trust more and not save for the
future want God will provide for all our needs and even our
desires. May we each grow closer to God as we learn to trust
abundantly in God’s loving generosity.

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  1. Such a true sentiment, Sister Jeanette. Thanks for the reminder.