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Monday, July 29, 2013

God Provides

By Charis Seeley
(written June 19)

I have a maximum of 70 days left being pregnant and I feel a bit like a bird.

My nesting instincts are kicking in.

It’s a bit complex. We’ve been trying to sell our house this spring/summer, attempting to move before the new baby comes. And we have a contingent offer on another house.

But so far, we haven’t gotten any offers on our house. It’s discouraging because we live right on the Mississippi River and it’s prime boating season. And not knowing where we’re going to be living when the baby comes is really messing with my nesting.

Because of the timing of the closings, we’re in the last month that we’re willing to have our house on the market. If we don’t sell by early July, we’ll be staying put until next spring, when we’ll try selling again.

The new baby might be getting a new nursery in a new house. Or she’ll be going into our current nursery and our three-years old daughter will move into the spare bedroom that currently functions as a guestroom.

But I just don’t know yet. And there’s no sense in converting our adult guestroom into a princess play palace if we end up moving a month later.

So, among all the opportunities to get creative and nest, I’ve had to put that instinct on hold. Well, sort of.

I crochet, and summer time crochet projects tend to be small and sweet. They’re typically candy colored flower motifs done in cotton yarn. Or airy dishcloths and towels shaped like watermelons.

Not so with me.

Since my nesting has gone into overdrive, I’ve almost completed an entire afghan blanket in less than five days. And I have plans for at least three more.

It’s frustrating to wait for something that’s out of my control.

I don’t know where we’ll be living this fall, but I do know this:

God always provides, and wherever we end up, we will definitely have enough blankets to keep warm.


Thursday, July 25, 2013


By Marvin Ferguson

Everybody enjoys a good laugh and so do I. In fact, I've often heard it said that laughter is good medicine for the soul.

Some of my favorite humorous moments are watching an old film with Laurel and Hardy. Just thinking about them makes me laugh. See if you can identify with this one and enjoy it with me.

Following the First World War Stanley spent three months in a VA hospital recuperating from his wounds and totally separated from his friend Oliver Hardy. Now, it was time to pick him up and take him home.

While waiting for his ride in the hallway of the hospital Stan couldn't find a chair to get comfortable in. Ultimately, he found an old wooden wheelchair but couldn't get his feet to fit in the stirrups, so he sat on them.

Meanwhile, when Ollie finally arrived and noticed that his dear friend didn't have any legs, he insisted on wheeling him out to the car. After Ollie struggled to get Stan into the car, his dear amputee friend got out of his wheelchair and offered to help solve the dilemma by walking around to the other side of the car.

Shocked, Ollie said, "Wait just a minute. Why didn't you tell me you had legs?"

And looking very innocent like he always did, Stan replied, "Because you didn't asked me."

The comic role played by two superb actors kept me laughing all the way home.