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Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's New???

By Marvin Ferguson

There is something to be said about the human psyche that turns people on when they think about something new. Suddenly, it arouses their attention with raised eyebrows.

When family and friends gather around the Christmas tree, curious eyes scan the many decorated boxes. And surely, minds are racing attempting to guess their content.

New cars dazzled the show room beneath the bright lights. Immediately, dad raised the hood to examine the engine while mom scanned the dashboard. And where are the kids? Already, little Tommy, Jimmy, and Alice are bouncing around on the back seat.

When Maggie stepped into the church for the Christmas Eve service, immediately, everybody saw her new hairdo. Whispers echoed off the walls competing with the congregation singing old familiar Christmas carols.

And so the lists of new things goes on that livens up the atmosphere.

A twelve-year-old boy grew up in a Christian home. One summer day he lined up with all the other kids to board a Greyhound Bus behind the church. Then it was off to church camp for some fun and excitement.

Following cabin devotions on the first night he was restless. An experience of fear permeated his entire body and soul. Then, on a cold concrete floor in the men's restroom, while on his knees, he asked Jesus to come into his life.

"I've heard the story many times before in Sunday School," the boy thought. "The story about Nicodemus and his desire for a new life rang out loud and clear. John 3:1-18."

When I got up off my knees I felt like a hundred pound weight had just been lifted up off my shoulders. I had a new perspective about life that was much different than before.

It was an experience that yours truly will never forget. And you asked, "What's New???" The answer: A new life in Jesus that will dazzle anybody's imagination. 

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