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Friday, January 13, 2012

Avoiding the Squirrels

By Kathryn Lang
The more I try to focus on what I know to do the more distractions pop up and demand my attention. I try to ignore them, but they run around me in circles making my head spin. The harder I focus the more determined those stupid squirrels become. I can hear them barking at my heels right now.
Chasing squirrels became my expression for choosing the distractions over the things I knew to do. The image came from the movie, "Up" (which I highly recommend if you have not seen it). Squirrels are those things in life that distract me from taking the steps that I know I am supposed to take. These are those things that lead me off track or in so many circles that I end up wondering which way is up.
I have gotten so good at chasing squirrels that I thought I would share the best ways to make squirrel chasing part of your normal routine.
Tips for Squirrel Chasing
1. Never look before you leap - just jump right after the noise or movement. Stop everything that you know to do to investigate that mysterious crinkle in the corner. Change your direction to look into that illusion of activity.
2. Never talk to someone who has been there and done that - because I know what is best for MY life so why bother talking to someone else? I just need to follow my gut, my heart or my instinct and let it lead me to the prize.
3. Never use logic when emotions can handle the situation - it sounds like a squirrel and there is movement so it must be a squirrel (even if I am in an airplane 30,000 feet in the air).
4. Never stick to the plan - no matter how detailed or specific the design, it can always be improved by diverting time, energy and effort into chasing that furry tailed rascal.
5. Never learn from your own mistakes - so what if it was just a figment of my imagination last time. This time it HAS to be a squirrel.
6. Never let the desire to chase the squirrel be hindered by the need to do what is right - work can wait. Family can wait. The purpose and passion can wait. The only important thing is the squirrel.
Getting things done requires doing what needs to be done. I have to learn to refuse to let the squirrels hinder my purpose


  1. I, a fellow squirrel chaser, absolutely love your blog. I understand it completely. Need I say more?
    Uh, gotta go. Squirrel!

  2. Loved this. I am a squirrel chaser!!! Oh my! I will laugh at myself every time I am distracted now. I loved that movie, we often quote the dogs, "SQUIRREL!" Good points kathryn.