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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still Life

By Rolie Grady

Here is something for those who see the world at a slightly different angle.  Since I houseclean for a living, I have to be aware of my surroundings….to notice the way a room is laid out, and plan my work strategy without disturbing it’s essence.

  Every family is unique.  Some ladies are very particular about their knick knacks and pictures.  Others live in casual disarray and they welcome me with open arms each week.  As I dust and vacuum,  I think about the personal expressions being made. 

 For example, one house’s décor is early colonial American. There are times when everyone is gone on my cleaning day.  It’s nice to take a final walk through the house after the work is done.   If I sit quietly,  each room begins to talk,  sharing stories with me.    Homespun wisdom is deeply embedded in roughly hewn tables and chairs.  Authentic New England-built fireplaces are flanked by  kindling and axe cut logs.   Wooden plank floors join a modern kitchen to its older counterpart in the open dining area.

 What can I learn even when people are not present?  Plenty.  Even though the outward forms change, the essential expressions of life – eating, sleeping, working, playing – go on for generations.  And each family leaves it’s mark for others to observe, whether in this time and place or somewhere down the road.

 What do I want to say to others who visit my home?  What do I need to hear from my surroundings?  Probably the same wisdom that has been passed on to me:  Saturate your life with love of God and family.  Cling tightly to laughter, peace, and joy.  Let the rest pass through your fingers. 

 At the end of the day, busyness fades and our spirits need nourishment.  Thankfully it can be found where it’s always been.   In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.  Be still and know that I am God.


  1. I enjoyed this quiet contemplation. You have a special seat in life, to see the many stages upon which families live their lives. When my parents both passed away, I had to look at my childhood home one last time, from the audience viewpoint this time. How you ended your blog pretty much says it all.

  2. Rolie,
    This is a brilliant sentence, and one to keep: "Cling tightly to laughter, peace, and joy. Let the rest pass through your fingers."

    Robin Steinweg