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Thursday, June 30, 2011

20/20 Sunlight/Son-Light

The source is always the same, in degree, in size and in power, yet the effect on earth can be vastly different. 

Moments ago, the buds on the bush by my window glowed spring green, translucent as first light of the day shown through them.

Now their color deepens as the light moves from behind them to above.

The source of the light remains the same, but as the earth rotates, its effect on objects below is different.

Yesterday’s cloudless sky reflected my face clearly in the windowpane.  Today, there is just a thin misty vapor; no face, no reflection, no glowing leaves, only a grey fog drifting, and obscuring the unchanged light of the sun.

I consider and thank the Lord  for reminding me that though at times the twists and turns of life may cloud or blur my vision, His Son-Light is as certain, as strong and powerful, and even more unchanging than the sun.


  1. Beautiful...peaceful

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment Lisa.