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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Path to Writing Success

By Kathryn Lang

“If you are willing to help enough people get what they want in life then you will find that you get what you want in life.” This idea comes from a quote by Zig Ziglar and it ties in directly with the Golden Rule. Do unto others.

Most writers get caught up in the “I” of it all. I want to get a book deal. I want to get published in this magazine. I want to make enough money to become a full-time writer. I want to continue making enough money that I do NOT have to go back to a regular job.

Several weeks back I had the opportunity to reach out and help a friend. Our conversation opened up the realization that others were struggling with the same issues. I started spending some of my day doing things to help those that I could help and I soon discovered that I was closer to my own goals than I had even been.

The idea of giving up the “I” stuff for the “you” stuff can be uncomfortable in the best of situations and painful in the worst. But the investment ALWAYS pays off exceedingly, abundantly above all that I can think or imagine. It is not about what you have done for me lately – but about how I can do for you. It is not about the benefits I get from the actions – but about the blessings that will flow both ways.

This holiday is a great moment to step back and think about what I am willing to sacrifice to allow others to become more. The freedom to be all that you want to be comes when you are willing to be bold enough in your actions towards others to provide them with the ability to discover their own freedom.


  1. I love this post and Kathryn's generous spirit. It reminds me of Cecil Murphey's promise to do whatever he could to help other writers, a promise he continues to keep.

    Thanks, Kathryn, for another great post!

  2. Thanks for allowing me to share. This has been a blessing for me.