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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Introducing Sharon Wilhite

Pity or Pity Party?

Nine family members' bags packed, presents wrapped and bagged, leftovers eaten, last load of laundry completed, two pet fish carried over to the neighbor's, plants liberally watered.

 I fall into bed after 11 p.m. tired but excited about our next day's much anticipated trip to my sister's home in Missouri.  We haven't made this trip in years.  The children (especially the younger boys) have been talking for weeks about seeing and playing with their cousins. 

4 a.m.  I am awakened by crying in our bedroom doorway.  One of those young boys has apparently come down with the flu.  Sigh...He has a headache, fever, and terribly aching joints.  He can't quit crying not only because he physically hurts all over, but also because he knows that the rest of the family can't go on vacation now as planned...and it's his fault.  I put him in bed with my husband and me and hold him close.  Neither of us can sleep.  I am disappointed and tired, but I love my son far more than a long awaited vacation.  I rub his legs and pray for him.  

9 a.m.  His closest brother in age comes in, disgruntled look on his face, an angry, complaining spirit filling the room.
"What?  We're not going this morning?  I'm mad at you!" his face says.
 Normal human nature?  Unfortunately, yes.  Godly nature?  No!  

A verse comes to mind.  I search my Bible to find it.  Psalm 103:13-14.  I read, "Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear Him.  For He knoweth our frame; He remembereth that we are dust."  
Just as a Mom or Dad can unselfishly put aside their wishes/expectations for the needs of their children, so the Almighty God puts aside His position as Sovereign of All to meet my needs-your needs.  

Psalm 103 wonderfully reminds us that the LORD forgives and heals us, redeems us from destruction, crowns us with kindness and mercies.  He renews our strength.  God is merciful and gracious.  He is slow to anger and plenteous in mercy.  

Yes, the LORD pitieth His children.  He feels our sufferings; He understands our humanity and, therefore, can truly show us sympathy and compassion.  
I pray that my selfish young son will mature spiritually and take on the character traits of His Heavenly Father.  
I pray that "I" will not fail to consistently model godly compassion as a wife and my son's mother. 

Help me, Father.

Sharon Wilhite is the wife of one Terry Wilhite (teacher, chimney sweep, and handyman) and mother of seven children (4 girls and 3 boys, ages 6-19).  She likes to write children's picture books, poems, and insights from her personal devotions.  Her other joys in life (other than her children) include taking pictures of bugs and flowers and eating dark chocolate.  Homeschooling, housework, and cooking take up most of her time.  If anyone has a beachfront cottage they would like to loan her in order for her to write in peace and quiet, she would love to hear from you!

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  1. Love your post, Sharon. You sound like a wonderful mother. As much as we love our kids, isn't it comforting to know our Heavenly Father loves them even more!