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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Introducing Robin J. Steinweg

Christmas for the Relocated

What do you do if Christmas is going to be different this year? It’s unsettling when holidays must be spent in a new place with new people.

My family was in this position a few years back.

We’d kept the same traditions for years. Now we found ourselves in a new place. The first year we did it all wrong, and I spent much of the Christmas Eve service crying in the ladies’ room. I neglected the most important thing: go to the One who understands and ask Him specifically to help (my prayers were more along the line of rehearsing my loneliness). Jesus was displaced from His heavenly home, born into a displaced family. He would have helped, if I’d asked.

The next year wised us up. The Lord led us to blend former traditions with new ones. We put up our favorite decorations and wrapped one gift to be opened Christmas Eve. To start a new tradition, The Lord let us be found by another displaced family. We went to a candlelight worship service together. Afterward, we went over for a light, easy supper and games. We sang some carols, prayed together and called it a night. A good night.

Whether you are displaced this year or know someone else who is, invite them to share the old and the new with you. Invite the Lord—who’s been there—to show you the way.

Menu for the Unsettled at Christmas:
1. Pray about it
2. Find another displaced family to invite

3. Serve easy foods
            a. Wisconsin Cheese (and cheese curds), summer sausage and crackers
            b. Christmas cookies and hot cocoa or cider
4. Play board games
5. Sing together, pray together
6. Your ideas: __________________________

Blessed Christmas!

Robin J. Steinweg thinks life is sweet right in the middle of homeschooling; writing children’s books; directing, teaching, writing and arranging music; leading worship; and listening for the Music of the Master’s voice. Robin writes devotionals for the online magazine The Christian Pulse.


  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful post Robin and some fantastic suggestions too. It is so easy to let our traditions tie us in knots and keep us paralyzed and unhappy. We forget they were once new, too. God used your willingness to try something new to bless your family and others. A great thing for me to remember!

  2. Robin, all of these are great suggestions. Last year we had all the "misfits" to our house. People who didn't have family with them on Christmas Day. It was quite an assortment of people who said they probably would have never gathered at one table "on purpose." It was a wonderful gift to all of us. Everyone left not only full, but feeling fully loved and accepted-and not so lonely after all. Thanks for giving me that very warm fuzzy flash back!

  3. Robin, my friend! So wise, as always. Joyous New Year.

  4. Thanks for your kind comments, Gail, Kathy and Lisa!