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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indroducing Lisa J Lickel

From One Peculiar Sort to Another

I assume that if you’re reading this, you’re one of those.

Of course, assumptions get us in trouble all the time.

Assume. What does it really mean? Let’s visit Gail’s favorite book: the Dictionary.

Assume: vt, ME, fr.
1. to take in or receive
                           2. to take upon oneself
                           3. to take control of
                           4. to pretend to have or be
                           5. to take as granted
                           6. to take over the debts of another

Creative fiction and non-fiction story-tellers make a promise to a reader. We tell you right away on the back cover what kind of a story we plan to deliver with a certain type of person who lives at a particular moment of time in a special place and is undergoing a unique and compelling predicament. We promise you an adventure in a way that makes you want to take it in, pretend to step into another world and work hard to cheer our protagonists to victory. A story teller lets the reader take for granted our control of craft by stepping out of the way.

This promise fulfilled keeps readers coming back. This promise lets the reader assume our next book will be as emotional as the first. So, are you one of those? One of those writers who keeps growing and extending yourself and stretching to find the best, most peculiar stories to share? Are you one of those readers who find the reading experience so keen you have to tell everyone about it? If you are here on this great adventure, I assume so.

Lisa Lickel 
 “What if” stories with a twist of grace
Lisa Lickel and her husband live in eastern Wisconsin in a 
150-year-old Great Lakes ship captain's house. Lisa writes 
inspirational novels, short stories, devotionals, radio theater for 
fun, edits, critiques and mentors, reads a storm, reviews and 
recently became editor in chief of Creative Wisconsin. Visit her at, and at facebook and


  1. Thanks Lisa.
    I love the idea of the promise to the readers. I'll try to remember that next time I drone on and on.

  2. Great advice, to step out of the way. Thanks!