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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


By Robin Steinweg

Good Norwegians
Equally good Swedes
All agree
They have their needs

Meat and potatoes
High on the list
Sweets come next
Well, you get the gist

But blowing the rest
All to smithereens
Is a drink they sip
From mugs, saucers, canteens

Morning, noon, night

Any time in between

Coffee’s integral to their cuisine

From what I have gathered

Or been able to glean

They’ll use any means

To get their caffeine

Savored cold or steaming
It’s their cure-all vaccine
The tonic they crave
Here’s cup number umpteen

How happy, how content
When they embody this scene
A fragrant cup
And a good magazine

Teacher, homemaker
Student or marine
Coffee is fixed in
Their daily routine

Although this black potion
Runs in my genes
I’m still of the notion
Coffee’s full of beans


  1. How cute, Robin! I just started re-reading one of my favorite books, "First We Have Coffee," by Margaret Jensen.

  2. Now Marie has me thinking about the Margaret Jensen book. I wonder where my copy is? Time for a re-read.

    I guess I'm not a good Swede. I am down (from two cups) to one cup a day, then on to tea for me. Delightful poem, Robin.

  3. Thank you, Marie and Lori! Let's have TEA!

  4. The coffee gene found its way to the Netherlands too, it seems. You'll find Dutchmen drinking full-throttle black coffee after 10 pm and still able to get a full night's sleep. I'm still working on tea, but (sorry) it is just too insipid (in my humble opinion). Floofy leaves vs. hearty beans. But I will soldier on, grateful for friends who still feed my coffee addiction :)