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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Learning to Bend

By Kathryn Lang

I bend, but the storms have helped me develop the strength not to break. Unexpected ice storms cause me to creak. Strong winds storms push me to my limits. The heat of summer forces my roots down even deeper. Through it all I stand.

But there are days when the bending, creaking and stretching seem like to much to take.

It would be easier to quit. The stress and strain of it all seems like a ridiculous choice when the toughest times are at hand. There is an easier way. There is a better way. There is a way that would make me happier. There HAS to be.

Relax in the midst of it all and just bend. Do it right now. Bend your head forward and breathe. Bend to the sides and breathe. Bend just a little and soon you break the hold the storm has on your life.

Today it was working through papers for my dad that had to do with my mom. She died in March, but the pain of her absence hit me with a vengeance I could never have expected. One thing piled up on another thing and soon something as trivial as being put on hold caused me to break down.


I cried. I bent over my desk and let the tears fall for a moment. It was too much.


I wiped the tear and took a deep breath. Pain will happen. Tears will fall. But I will not break. I will keep bending and shifting and bending and shifting until the storm has passed.

Pushing on with a writing career, no matter what direction that career takes, is not for the weak. The attitudes and behaviors of people thrown at something you cared for and molded will cause some to want to fold. Cruel words, rejections, and the lack of sales can all drive you to want to give up. It can push you to the breaking point.

Just bend. When it comes down to it, bend your head down. Now say a prayer. And let the peace that passes all understanding be the soothing water that makes it possible for you to keep bending until you find your way.


  1. Yes - there sure are times when you just need a little gentle rain - letting go of our self -effort -
    in bending in prayer.

  2. Sorry to read of you loss, Kathryn. Beautiful post.

  3. A message prepared in a heart reaches a heart. Thannk you Kathryn for the touching words from your heart, sharing your pain and reminding me where to go when life hurts.


  4. I have also found that the more I bend the easier it gets. It's not about being weak - but about developing strength for the storm. Just keep bending. :D