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Thursday, September 6, 2012


By Robin Steinweg

 Do I ever regret time in prayer?

Sadly, maybe before-hand. Like when the pillow is coziest, sleep beckons or I have tasks to check off my to-do list. 

Few things get interrupted like my time for prayer—at least initially. If I sit down intending to pray, the computer will blink at me, the phone will ring, an appliance will act up, the neighbor’s dogs will yap, the garbologist will take a break outside my house with the engine running, a plane will sound as though it’s going to crash, I’ll suddenly think of fifteen dozen things that need to be done without delay, and my dog will beg to go out. And that’s saying a lot, because I don’t have a dog.

The computer can wait.  In fact, I can turn it to face away from me. The answering machine can take a message or the caller can get back to me. I can unplug the appliance and check it later. I can close the windows. I can put in ear plugs. I can pray for the pilot. I can keep pen and paper next to me and add to my list as things pop into my head, and then keep praying. I can remind myself that I don’t have a dog, and tell the devil to get behind me, because I AM GOING TO PRAY anyway!

That’s what it might take—a commitment to pray no matter what. When my sons were little, they knew not to interrupt me from prayer unless one of them was choking or bleeding. Our day would be better if they let Mommy pray. As my wall hanging states, “A day hemmed in prayer seldom comes unraveled.”

And has there ever been a time that I wished instead that I had stayed in bed or run errands?

Just yesterday I nearly didn’t pray because of interruptions. Important things, you know? But I sent up some heartfelt requests for safety for my sons and husband.

In the afternoon my younger son perched atop the log ride at the amusement park where he’s worked for the summer. A sudden bolt of lightning scored the air close enough to him that he felt the static. They closed the park early, and he came home—safe.

Do I regret that I spent the time yesterday in prayer?


Instead, I grow more determined.  Not only to ask for things, but to thank God for listening to me, and to take the time to listen to Him.

Let me rephrase: it’s not taking my time. It’s an investment of my time, and it could continue to pay into eternity! 


  1. Thanks, Robin for the timely reminder to pray for our loved ones daily and whenever the Holy Spirit prompts us. -Sharon Wilhite

  2. A marvelous motivator for prayer is that "it could continue to pay into eternity." The thing about people (me) is that we are (I am) forgetful. Reminders are critical. Thank you for this beautifully written reminder, Robin. You've encouraged me today. Maybe, just maybe your encouragement will "continue to pay into eternity."

  3. Sometimes I wonder how my half-hearted, distracted, lazy prayers can be a pleasing aroma to God. So thankful the Holy Spirit intercedes and the Son is at the right hand of the Father also making those prayers a sweet smell. But if I can always find a reason not to pray, I can't have the delight of that union with the 3-in-1. This is a wonderful reminder. Thanks Robin!

  4. Robin,
    Even if you don't have a dog, I'd still get rid of it. :)

    Great article! Makes me really think of why there are so many 'interceptors' - A conversation with God is so powerful!