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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Significance of Power

By Marvin Ferguson

My high school physics class was a challenge. Why? Perhaps it's because tinkering in a lab with pulleys on a robe, blocks of wood on a plank, or watching wheels turn, just didn't interest me.

Theoretically power is the ability to do work. But at sixteen years of age who cared?

On July 5th the Atlanta Braves hit four home runs in a baseball game against the Chicago Cubs at Turner Field. The fans went crazy. And yes, it was more power at the plate.

Then there is that famous hymn: There's power in the blood; power in the blood; power in the blood... That's a powerful statement. In the blood of Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven. The power of salvation is in the blood.

Today, as I brain storm the word power lots of things cross my mind. We use power, mentally and physically, in everything we do. I just never thought about it as work. And surely, as long as there is life on this earth, power will always have some significance.


  1. When I was a kid, I loved singing There's Power in Blood. I would really punch the word "power." :) Thanks for the good memory.

    1. Thank you Marie. Just like you when I was a kid in grown up church, we didn't go to junior church back then,we sang "There is power in the blood..." just about every other Sunday. And I would stare at all the adult faces as they emphasized the word power in their expressions.Then i would get my hands slapped because i was staring at all the people. But it was fun after the pain wore off.

  2. I used to feel terrified at the thought of God's omnipotent power, because the word, power, alone does not tell us of His heart.

    It tells us of His ability. I'm so thankful that the One who has all power - has chosen to use His power to show His love.

    There is power in the Blood and there is unimaginable love in the precious Blood of Jesus CHrist.

    - Helen Knueven

    1. Thank you Helen. Your comments are so well put. Thank goodness that God's power is overflowing with a consistent, over flowing agape love toward all humanity.