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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beyond Imagination

By Kathryn Lang

Today, someone posted on Facebook (on a page where my debut novel, RUN, was mentioned) that he had a copy of my book and I would soon be a literary star.

Yesterday, I spoke before a group of writers at various stages of their careers and challenged them to take the steps into the dreams.

At this moment, I still find myself struggling between doing what I know I need to do to reach my own dreams and taking a break because I want to take a break.

Fortunately, I need to write a guest post and that is the little extra push I need to get me moving back in the direction that will land me at the “literary star” mentioned earlier.

Top Tips for Getting Your Push Beyond Imagination

- Find some accountability. I find there are two ways to best hold my feet to the fire. One is to ask someone to check up on me regularly. Two is to announce a release time for something. Today I announced that my second novel would be ready for release by early fall. Laying out a deadline like that makes it tough to wiggle around.

- Find some encouragement. Having other people – that are not related to me and have not known me all  my life – that are yelling out my praises on Facebook provides enough inspiration to bring tears to my eyes. Knowing that others believe in your pursuits and your possibilities can pour fuel on an ember and light your world on fire.

- Find some time. Getting anywhere requires an investment and time will always be a component of that investment. I have to choose to release some things in my life in order to carve out a slot for my writing. And then I have to choose to utilize that time to write.

Dreams can come true. Becoming a literary star sits within my grasp . . . but I have to reach out, get moving, make that dream a reality in my life.

What do you dare to do to be more than you can think or imagine?


  1. Congrats! A literary star is born!

  2. Thanks Marie - we can all reach our dreams if we keep moving in that direction and have the willingness to reach out and help each other along the way.

  3. Why shouldn't you shoot for the stars?
    Good luck - and stay motivated and hang out with
    super motivated people.
    Hang out with those who provoke you to excellency!
    God bless you!
    May you shine for Jesus Christ!
    - Helen

  4. Helen - I appreciate the encouragement. It's great people like those that visit and comment on this site that keep me pushing to the next step!