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Friday, May 11, 2012

Surrounded by Conspiracy

By Kathryn Lang

It IS a conspiracy. The technician that was at the house would neither confirm nor deny it, so I know THEY are out to get me. What are the odds that my main internet connection would go out and when I plugged in my back up air card it was ALSO not working? They planned it that way – I know they did.

I discovered that the THEYs of this world often cause a lot of the chaos that inhabits my world. Listening to my children . . . I am they. So, no matter who your THEY may be or what the conspiracy is that is keeping you from your purpose, there are some things you can do that will get you through.

Tips for Getting Through the Conspiracy and Beyond the Reach of They

- Smile! Nothing throws off the conspirators faster than a smile. The power of the smile will pour through your body and on to anyone that it encounters. Taking the time to smile will break the clouds – even if just for a moment.

- See beyond the moment. Not getting on the internet allowed me to focus more time on my family and on editing my novel, RUN (WARNING! Shameless plug . . . RUN will be available in bookstores later this month). I quit looking at the lack of internet access and found the possibilities that it offered.

- Review the situation and adjust for the circumstances. At the end of the day, I got more done that I ever did with the distraction of the internet. Not having the option made me realize that I need to adjust how I utilize that particular tool.

Maybe it was a conspiracy . . . by maybe instead of THEY plotting the annoyance, it was God planning the opportunity. I have found that what some see as a log in the road is often just a redirection down the right path.

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