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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Hymn Sing

By Marvin Ferguson

The contemporary Christian church muscians were ready to perform. On stage, behind a transparent plastic screen, the drummer parked himself behind a set of drums. Two guitarists stood on each side of a keyboard player. A trio of two ladies and a gentleman held a microphone up close to their mouth. And a lead guitarist greeted a standing room only crowd.

A mixed audience filled every seat in the church. In this music celebration they joined in the singing by reading every word on the big screen, occasionally standing and clapping their hands to the beat of a favorite tune.

The words resonated with old familiar tunes in 21st century America that people identified with in a modern day culture. They call it Contemporary Christian Music.

However, as I sat back in my chair to join in the celebration, my mind flashed back to a recent concert I attended at The Orchard Evangelical Free Church in Arlington Heights, Illinois. It was a Hymn Sing with many old favorites from a by gone era: Nothing But the Blood Of Jesus; His Name is Wonderful; Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus; Great is Thy Faithfulness;  and the lists goes on. We were hoping that the singing would go on all night. Inside that church, safe from the outside dark world, we didn't want to leave.

Like the words in most country music songs, these old time gospel favorites told a story. Each word in the lyrics touched our hearts. And as I looked around the room into the faces of many Christ followers, I sensed a story from each one of them as they shed a tear on a smiling face.


  1. What - no fog machine?

    1. No fog machine as people who love the Lord express praise to the Lord with their voices.

  2. Seriously, technology helps us to sound better to each other - but the speakers in heaven are the most important ones.

    How do we come across to the One we are singing about? Hopefully - grateful and full of awe; realizing that Jesus Christ is the One who performed for us the most incredible love display of all time.

    1. I agree and thank you for your comment. Jesus Christ is definitely the focal point to all of Christianity and the One whom all of life is centered around. And making a joyful noise unto the Lord will sound even better in heaven.