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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finding Hope from the Storm

By Kathryn Lang

The sun woke me up – caused by partial curiosity about what I would see out my window and a growing hope that I would be able to plug in the coffee maker to my battery backup. The devastation around me had not cleared up during the night but saying out loud that I have it bad becomes tough when I know that others around me were hurt so much deeper. It still hurt to see the limbs and debris that reminded me of the trees on the other side of the house.  Matters only got worse when the coffee issue did NOT get resolved. Strike two.

Thursday needed something normal after such a crazy Wednesday. It started at six in the morning with as close to a direct hit as I ever want to encounter. We left for shelter shortly after that first round cleared out. The three trees sitting on the house would have probably anchored us from being carried away, but my husband was worried about the structural integrity more than anything else. A crack in the kitchen and a crack in the boys’ bedroom hinted at some serious damage.

He and I drove back to see our property during one of the many breaks to check on everything or more to see if there WAS anything to check on. The highway was covered with downed trees that had not been there before. A second storm had struck our community. The factory a mile from us had been demolished.

It looked like everything for us was still in the same shape that we had left it. No electricity, a hole in the wall and three trees on the roof. Home sweet home.

We returned to hunker down for two more hours sheltered from the storms then we made the dark ride home. The stars were shining bright but they only seemed to add to the darkness. The town near our home was dark and the drive home was covered with debris. If you did not know your way by instinct then you were NOT going to find it by sight.

It will take months for us to recover from the storms that swept through on Wednesday, April 27, 2011. I walked around yesterday looking for some idea of what I could do and I am still looking. My to-do list includes a lot of boxing up and throwing out and hope.

Hope from the Storm

Faith – I hope that my attitude and actions show my faith in God. He did so much preparing our lives for the storms and sometimes we miss what He has done for what is coming when the storms hit.

Testimony – I hope that what happened that morning allows us to tell of God’s protection and guidance. We were in the roar of the storm, but no one was hurt and even they had a sense of calm during the chaos.

Praise – I hope that this storm draws an entire community together to praise the blessings that can come from the storm. It will take months for all the trees to be cleared, but many of the projects that we have talked about for years will be completed when the work is done. We made new friends and reconnected with old friends during the storm. The calls of concern and support were a reminder that we are not alone.

Determination – I know that I am called to write. Journaling became my only release and I continue to journal about the experience. God put a desire and a purpose in my heart when it comes to writing and I have to be determined to push beyond all of the distractions (no matter what their packaging) to reach the place.

The storms of life come unexpectedly and sometimes with great devastation. But the sun comes up the next day. See past the debris and destruction and dig down for your hope. Never let the things that are right now hinder you from experiencing the blessing of tomorrow.

Let the faith that is planted in your heart through worship, study and prayer grow a testimony that you share through your words. Praise the Hand that guides and be determined to stay focused on Him no matter how the waves try to toss you about.


  1. Thank you for sharing such a personal and difficult time Kathryn. You are in our prayers. Your words of faith and hope are inspiring me to thank God for His hand in my life at ALL times.

  2. Thank you for such a powerful post. You and yours will be in my prayers.

  3. Thank you for your prayers - God has been so good to us that I could never expect anything else. :) The thoughts and prayers of those around us remind me daily that God provides me with exceedingly abundantly more than I can think or imagine.

  4. HUGS, Kat.....Troy