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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Multi-tasker Malfunction – How to Recover from the Stumbles of Life

By Kathryn C. Lang

My multi-tasker suffered a malfunction. It happens to me now and then – often around the same time of the month. It is never pretty.

Normally my family and I are the only ones to suffer from its demise. This time around I failed a friend and a supporter and that makes it much worse. I want others to know they can count on me . . . maybe I should hand out “Beware” cards when there is a chance for a multi-tasker malfunction.

I know better. These issues have been coming up for years. I have started to recognize and adjust for them in my daily life (for the most part). I know it is possible to avoid the multi-tasker meltdown. This time, I just did nothing.

For the record, doing nothing never fixes anything.

Tips for Avoiding Multi-Tasker Meltdown

1. Plan ahead. I know that I am going to guest post each month. The date may change, but the posting remains the same. I should make my article due on the 1st of each month. Then I know that Gail will have it when she needs it.

2. Have a backup plan. There are times when the unexpected keeps me from doing what I know I need to do. It is worse during the multi-tasker meltdowns. I run from room to room trying to remember why I am in that room. I told you it was not pretty. Having several articles in my database that I can tap into in one of those situations will help me avoid missing a deadline or leaving someone else in the lurch.

3. Be honest (with yourself and with others). There will be times when you have to take on less than you might otherwise be able to manage. Know those times and let others know those times. Be sure you also let others know when you miss the mark. Giving a reason why you missed the mark is not necessary. The why does not change the fact that the other person may be missing something they need. Just say you messed up and then make arrangements to try and repair the damage if possible. Things happen, and you have to open and honest when they do if you want to move past them.

We all stumble. It is what comes after the stumble that will make the difference. Plan, prepare, and be honest. These three things will make a big difference when you find that your multi-tasker malfunctions.

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Kathryn shares words to ignite hope in the hearts of those the words encounter. She knows that life can be difficult, but she also has experienced how hope can overcome even the hardest times. Visit Kathryn at to learn more about her journey or to discover her books.

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