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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Some reflections on February Snow

By Jeannette Doran

God’s mercy reflects in the pristine snow

With the dawn comes the radiant light,

Glistening diamonds thru the window pane,

Boughs of snow clothed branches hang everywhere,

My Beloved showers me with gifts of beauty,

The creation of God fills me with wonder.

“As God sends forth the rain and the snow to water the earth

And makes it bud and flourish so Your Word, O God comes to nourish our

souls and will not return to You empty. But will accomplish Your

desires” (cf Is.55 v: 10-11)

“You send the snow like white wool; and scatter frost upon the ground like

ashes, hurl the hail like stones. Who can stand against Your freezing cold?
Then, at Your command, it all melts. You send Your winds, and the ice

thaws. You have revealed Your words to Jacob...” {and to us} (cf Psalm 147 v:15-19)
God graces us with an abundance of gifts to fill our hearts with wonder

Your Word calls us to respond to Your unconditional love with our whole

minds and hearts and thoughts. May our hearts be filled with loving

gratitude for all God's gracious gifts each day in Word, beauty of

Creation and loving mercy which never ends.


  1. Beautiful, Jeannette! God speaks to me through nature, too. How good He is to us!

    1. Thank-You so much.It is so lovely out in Eldridge with the snow covered land surrounding us.Your writings have always inspired me and now I'm excited to read your blog on Laura.Jeannette

  2. The photos are beautiful, Jeannette. It's nice to hear someone enjoys the weather when so many are sick and tired of it! :)

  3. Thank-you Robin and yes I do love the snow.