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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


By Rolie Grady

Do you ever wish you could leave the pain of this world and live somewhere else? You’re not alone. Every person carries that dream in his heart. Deep within us lies a true picture of what life was meant to be. It’s a place where everything comes together perfectly….so unlike what happened this last week.

Much has already been said about good versus evil. Why does it take a huge tragedy for us to see the essence of evil? I don’t know. As layers of denial and deception implode, we either sink in the ashes or cry out for truth. At that moment , we are closer to permanent change than ever before.

When my son, Kyle, died in 1990, I already knew Jesus as Savior. His strong grip got my husband and me through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Years went by as we struggled through the deepest pain of our lives. His presence became the turning point. We read the Bible with new urgency, knowing His voice was the only lifeline we had. Our eyes were opened to a different reality, and our ears attuned to the frequency of heaven.

Like our tragedy, this one sought to obliterate all traces of life. The media hypnotically focused attention on a downward spiral of death. Despair sucked the life out of families everywhere, leaving fear in it’s place.

Did God take a vacation on December 14, 2012? No. Like you, I grieve with bereaved parents in Newtown, Connecticut. But I also want to pass on a message I received the next day from Gary Fick, a professor at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He writes:

“…this morning at the midyear recognition for our current graduates, ‘by chance’ I happened to meet a family whose church is in Newtown, CT. The mom was the Vacation Bible School teacher for some of those killed. She shared that in the morning before the murders happened, she had had a vision of those children climbing all over Jesus on His throne and kissing Him. They were so happy.

At the time, she said she did not know what it meant, but we know now. Right now I cannot understand and I do not really know what to do. But I am comforted by the knowledge that Jesus is with those who have died so wantonly. And I pray again that His comfort and direction will come to us who continue to live in this dark and troubled world…”

When darkness threatens to swallow hope this Christmas, follow me to Psalm 91 and find a well lit refuge. Remember that we can always go vertical, letting the true light of Heaven reveal everlasting life.

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