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Monday, February 27, 2012

Leapin' Leap Year!

By Gail P. Smith

“Time is the currency of the new millennium,” or so I read back in 1999.  (Wow, that seems so long ago, now.)  If that is true, then I have a gift beyond measure for you this week, something not even Warren Buffet can buy.  It’s the gift of time.

This Wednesday only, ladies and gents,   I’ve been authorized by Pope Gregory XIII to offer you the extremely rare and incredibly precious gift of 24 extra hours to your week! I’ve heard all you moaners and groaners out there carrying on about how you NEVER have enough time, and so this week I’m presenting you with entire day, free of charge, to get those procrastinated tasks done.  But . . . maybe that’s not what you’d do with an extra day.

So I want to know—what will YOU do with this “extra” day that’s been added to your life?

Now I know that most of us have obligations that don’t recognize that of all days, Leap Year Day should be a holiday and we should be left to our own devices.  I’m afraid that in order for  most of us to enjoy this day to the fullest we will have to take a trip to another nation—the imagine-nation.  It’s a great place where we can just take that day and use it any way we want.  How will you use your extra day in imagination land?  Go skiing, fly to Paris or the moon, or visit Disneyland or Hogwarts?  The only limit to your journey is your own creativity.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to actually be able to choose what you want to do this February 29.  What’s your plan?  I sincerely hope you don’t intend to let this valuable and one time (every four years) gift go unwrapped.  Grab this Wednesday, tear the paper off that puppy and DO something out of the ordinary.  A day like this doesn’t come around every week, month or year, you know.   Create your own memory by doing something, (anything) special or silly or sweet or even daring, (like swimsuit shopping, --no, that’s TOO daring!)

I am posting this on Monday to give you plenty of time to plan what you’ll be doing with your “plus one” day.  Read a book, bake a pie, call a friend, take a nap (that's for the mommies reading this,) go skinny-dipping or sky-diving. Or just take a walk in the park.  Leap day is your gift.  It’s up to you what you’ll do with it. 

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to take a moment to thank the Creator of Time for this precious present not only of today, but of every day of your life.  When you think about it, isn’t every day a gift of love to each of us to use as we choose? 

 Thank you, Lord for the gift of an “extra” day this week.  May we use it in a way that makes you smile.  Amen
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  1. In my "imagination" leap day, there is a season 8 of "24", and my hubby and I are watching all the episodes back to back with a fire in the fireplace and the fridge stocked with favorite snacks! Oh, wait! Is it too late to type Hawaii vacation? :)

  2. Include Hawaii for Marie, check. You got it, baby. Remember to wear your sun screen.
    I've also taken the liberty of making sure teh snacks are all calorie free with a sprinkle of Skinny Fairy Pixie dust. Happy Leap Year!

  3. Happy Leap Day -- I plan to be productive to being in a procastination phase and I've already begun on things...

    Then wach a good movie with popcorn and go to sleep and ready to take my nephew for chemo with a positive attitude...

    Hot Dog --- from It's a Wonderful Life" May watch some old Chrismas movies I didn't get to watch.. "AS YOU WISH..." what's that from.. or " Anne of Green Gables.." the best on earth..

  4. Sounds like a great plan and congrats on getting started early.

  5. Well, I said I was going to leave the computer,and I did for awhile. I decided to get my nails done before I go to the pool. Then I read your blog. So now it's 2:00, pool time and then off to enroll with weight watchers at 6p.m. Now that's something I've been putting off. I just finished Beth Moore's study in James and had so much to take away from it. One ---To him who know the right thing to do and does it not, it is sin. I'm starting to do something right that I've put off too long.

  6. Hooray for you Elaine! Thanks so much for sharing that. Interesting, I've been thanking about joining WW too. Looks like another gentle nudge in that direction!
    Enjoy your warm weather down there. It's snowin' up a storm here today, but really beautiful!