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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Please Pass the Planner…

By Robin J. Steinweg
…because I can’t get enough. Yes, I’m referring to Thanksgiving. No, I’m not talking turkey. I’m talking family. I can’t get enough of family. The catching up with those who live far, the chatter of younger ones, the smiles of older ones, the bulging sides (of the house, not the feasting visitors), Grandma’s ready wit, cousin antics, sibling jibes, Grandpa’s horse-back rides--even Uncle’s groan-worthy puns. Can’t get enough.

Every time we gather as a family, someone says, “We should do this more often.” Everyone nods, everyone agrees. “Someone” is right. It’s important. It may not be urgent, but it is important.

For the next family feast, I’ll ask each person to bring something. Not food. I’ll ask them to bring their planners. We’ll get a date on the calendar and make it a priority. There may be those whose work schedule or vacation won’t cooperate—but maybe they’ll make it next time, or the time after. Forget all the objections; I want to see a date on the calendar! The days are too precious—the people are too precious—to wait a year.

Please pass the planner!


  1. Fine writing. Good thinking. Marvelous idea.

    Now I just need to get myself a planner...and actually use it.

  2. If only everyone felt that way, Robin!