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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to YOU, TGBA*

By Gail P. Smith
One year ago on today, November 9, we officially launched the QCCWC** blog.  We named it
*“The Great Blog Adventure.”

We began with 16 writers (14 women and 2 men), a few seasoned professionals, some novice bloggers/writers and lots of us somewhere inbetween.  Along the way we’ve lost and gained bloggers and we miss those currently "on hiatus."  As of today we are 14 writers strong, each contributing once or twice every two months. We publish twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  At least that’s the goal, and most of the time we make it.

Among our writers we have a resident baseball expert, several photographers, a writer’s group leader, homemakers, a reporter and a Sister with a capital “S.”  To read more about each of our talented bloggers click on “The Great Blog Adventures/Contributing Writers” tab above.

Over the past twelve months we’ve blogged about our families, jobs, pets and other less welcome critters who've invaded our homes.   We’ve written about wise men, Thanksgiving, Psalms and Proverbs, tombstones, writers block, tests, beauty, swimsuits and spam.  We’ve confessed mistakes and shared blessings, talked about growth, writing and even reality TV. 

At least one of us had a book published this year and I think it may be more.  (In fact, if any of our bloggers were published anywhere else besides TGBA this year, please comment so we can celebrate with you.) 

Best of all, we shared our relationships with the Lord, how we seek Him, how we struggle and what He’s taught us.  What a blessing it's been to read how God worked in each individual life.

As as far as "stats" go,  our page has had 38 views today (11-8-11), 25 yesterday, 592 last month, and 5,185 views for the past year.  We have 18 followers (are YOU following us yet?) and our readers represent ten countries and 4 continents.  (So if you know anyone in South America, Africa or Antarctica, please invite them to take a look!)

We’ve had 228 comments on 103 posts, and we are so grateful for each person who has taken the time to read and comment on our writing.  You have encouraged us by letting us know that someone took the time to read what we had to say. 

As we celebrate this milestone for TGAB, we are most grateful for YOU, the person sitting at your computer, reading this post, right now, today.  Without you readers bloggers would be nothing and so we want to say thank to each person who has visited this blog in the past year. 

We hope this year that you have been entertained, informed, uplifted, amused, touched, encouraged or inspired by something you have read here.  Please come back soon and invite a friend. 

At the top of our blog are these words “Read~Write~Learn~Share~Trust.” That is what we've attempted to do for the past 365 days.  Thanks for joining us.

So Happy Birthday to YOU,
Great Blog Adventurers,
and many happy returns.

** Quad-Cities' Christian Writers Conference


  1. Happy Birthday and Congratulations, Great Blog Adventurers. I'm glad for the opportunity to be a follower and wish you all continued success.

  2. Thank you so much for following us, Lori and especially for commenting! What a blessing that is!

  3. Well done, Fearless Leader!

    It's been quite a year. Happy B-day, fellow bloggers, and thanks, Dear Readers!