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Thursday, October 20, 2011


By Narola (Rolie) Grady

A month ago, I went through a writing drought.  My soul felt like baked earth, and a deadline was looming in the distance.  Desperate for help, I emailed Robin, a fellow writer, and our dialogue changed the atmosphere in my spirit.  This blog entry is our conversation.  I hope it will touch some dry spots in you that need moisture.

Dear Robin,

Great blog this week. You are so honest in your struggle to wait on God, especially  when you see doors for ministry fly open for some of your friends.  I’ve had that experience too.  One of my reactions (inside) is to roll over and play dead, in a manner of speaking.  I get so taken by the gifting displayed in someone else, and then wrongly discredit what God has placed in me.  Not good.

So, Robin, here’s your chance.  Speak into this unhealthy spot.  Pour weed killer on it if the Spirit leads.  There needs to be a focus adjustment…one that promotes growth.  I’ll start the conversation with myself:

God has given you many gifts with words and music.  You have been stoking the proverbial fire with good, positive kindling from people like your new friend, Robin.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem to be enough.  But this isn’t the time to retreat and play Freecell on your computer.  Will there be challenges as you take the next step?  Yes, just like there have been for every one of your brothers and sisters in Christ. But God wants to show Himself strong on your behalf against enemy weapons that beat you down……….   Take it away, Robin.

(Robin’s response)
Rolie, you can step into this next place of faith – of speaking out what you agree with God concerning your beautiful design.  You have no competition in God’s Kingdom.  He is lifting layers that reveal more intricacy and gifting and worship.  No retreat is needed, but forward advancing is the order of the day.  You are stepping, your feet hitting the ground, and everywhere you place your foot is your life’s territory!  It feels new, but it’s the path designed for you from the foundation of the world.  You are doing it.

And it’s not works.  It’s that beautiful, unconditional love pouring into you, helping you become the you He already sees you to be.  Redeemed, valued, with eyes that wait to see into the depths of the things of God and bring them out with words – because it’s with words that things come into being – your spirit words flow and you are changed and people who read your words are changed.

And your willingness to be on the journey required of you shortens the path of someone else's journey.  And they find fulness of life because you were willing.  And He shows you the beauty and connects the dots, and you see the grace that holds it all up.

God is always doing something new.  Do you not see it?  He can make a way through a wilderness and cause streams to flow in a desert!  (Isaiah 43:18)


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  2. I can identify with everything you are saying.
    I look around me and see lots of successful people and try to figure out where I'm at. Surely, on the surface of life I'm no body. To the world an unknown. But when I look at my heart and who I am I see God using me with my story telling gifts. It's not always in a book, but in my daily walk as I talk to other people. Then I experience a real peace from God that fills me full of joy that only He can give. So I move on not knowing where I'm going, but know it's with God's plan in mind.
    Your blog post is very edifying and gives me a lot to think about. Thank you.