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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


By Sharon Wilhite

How can some bloggers write epistles with deep spiritual insights accompanied by tasteful photos and links to related websites EVERYDAY?!!! Why can't I also blog prolifically? Why can't I even blog in a timely manner at least once a month? Here are some excuses - I mean REASONS: (get the beat going first!)
My drain had a clog,
I had to walk my dog,
Too much fog (as in brain),
Time to butcher the hog,
Went out for a jog,
Slept like a log,
Oh, I'm down, down, down in the blog bog! 
(oh, yeah)
Well, enough of the "Blog Bog Blues." I am always telling my children, "Don't make an excuse, make an EFFORT."
Time to make time for some serious writing effort not some sorry excuses.

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