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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis

by Marvin Ferguson

 Our daughter's boyfriend, Tim, held season tickets to St. Louis Cardinal baseball games. And so, Judy and I jumped to the invitation for an exciting weekend.

It was 4:30 a.m. when I put our suitcase in the trunk of our car. Then, in the dark, we traveled through the back roads toward the main highway.

Already traffic was moderate. People were off to visit friends, family, or perhaps going to work or joining us to the airport.

The parking lot at General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee was quiet. A few cars parked in designated spots while people rushed toward the terminal.

Inside the airport apprehensive passengers scanned the arrival and departure schedule. Long lines of people anticipated checking in along with the necessary body search. There was so much to do at the airport.

Down a long corridor Judy and I searched for Gate 15. When the ticket agent mentioned our name I knew we had arrived. "Airtran flight number... is now boarding." How were we supposed to know all the other passengers were already on board?

Twenty-five minutes ahead of schedule and we were airborne.

As some passengers stared out the window at the vast landscape, others either slept or read a magazine. Meanwhile, the flight attendant stayed busy serving us beverages along with a snack.

One hour and fifteen minutes later we were in Lambert International Airport with other people browsing through a gift shop or searching for a luggage carousel.

Finally, with a small overnight bag, two very special people greeted us. After a smile, a hug, and the usual chatter, we traveled toward The Renaissance Hotel downtown. Later that day, it will be an exciting baseball game at Busch stadium.

It was a pleasure to visit our daughter and her friend. But what I liked best was watching all the people. And God loves them all.

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