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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm Turning Fifty!

By Lisa Lickel

What I've accomplished pre-fifty:

·         Got married and raised two pretty nifty kids

·         Enjoyed my college degree in history by living local history

·         Visited the 49 continental states

·         Published three novels and a great load of other stuff

·         Lived in a really cool house with a garden and grapes and lily of the valley all over

·         Learned to like venison over beef and ice-fished bluegills over catfish. Still working on the asparagus.

What's on the Bucket List before the next fifty closes:

·         Hold a grandbaby

·         Help the kids move One Last Time

·         Move ourselves to the farm (as in, not the funny, but our own)

·         Sign a half-dozen more contracts for novels

·         Figure out how to use a smart phone

·         Use my new passport for a country not attached to America

How 'bout you? Got any burning bucket list desires?


  1. I think I just want to catch up with YOU a little on the writing accomplishments!

  2. What a fun way to learn more about you, your accomplishments and your goals, Lisa. I enjoyed this post.

    If you could go to any country which would it be? I'm cheering for a grand baby for you when the time is right for your kids!

  3. I'm turning 50 this year also. I haven't really thought about what I've actually accomplished in half of a century (boy does THAT ever sound old!). Thanks for the reminder to ponder and plan.