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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Five "Showers of Blessing" From a Late Summer Rain

This morning sitting on my "porch of praise" I was blessed by a big, loud, blowing thunderstorm.

1.  Rain, pouring down, sweeping in sheets across the avenue, darkening the sky, but brightening my day. 
I love thunderstorms.

2.  Thunder-- rolling, rumbling, crashing, electrifying the sky.
It is beautiful and powerful and awesome~
Just like the Lord God Almighty!

3.  Curb-side creeks flowing down, washing clean the streets and sidewalks.

4. Rain pitter-patter pounding, soaking flowers, fruits and veggies, bring life to dry ground.

5. The fragrance of  rain-washed freshness, fills my heart and lifts the spirit to the all powerful
Creator God
Who rains down all good gifts
Onto all His children
He loves us

And just when you think it's all over
One last shout-out from God, the Rain-giver's exclamation point.

Thank you, Lord, for these showers of blessing! All creation is telling Your glory.

By Gail P. Smith


  1. Gail, this is brilliant! Wow! I love it. God reminds me at different times to splash in the puddles of His blessings and to delight in the deluge. Your post reminded me of God's intimate messages for me. Yay, God!

  2. Thanks, Twila. Love havin' company to praise God with~AMEN and Yay, God, again!

  3. I love the exclamation point!
    Rain--such a blessing. Thunderstorms--I love them, too!

  4. My next thunderstorm will be different thanks to your post.

    I love this! Beautiful, Gail.

  5. Gail,

    How did you get the picture (first one) to look like a 3D?
    -Helen Knueven

  6. Helen, I focused on the glass, not the background, and the rest just happened. Glad you liked it. It was fun challenging myself to try to take a picture of rain. These pictures were actually taken during the storm I wrote about.

  7. Lisa & Robin,
    Thank you for such encouraging words. God is so good to us and nature is one of the primary ways I feel Him speaking to me.
    Love praising Him on the porch.