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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Good Writer's Favorite Things

Learn everything you need to know about writing in two minutes and forty-five seconds. 
(To be sung to the tune of  "My Favorite Things." ) And a-one, a-two...

Show me, don’t tell me, write clearly concisely
Polishing, reviewing, re-reading, rewriting.
Sentences too long will never take wing
These are an editor’s favorite things.

Typewritten manuscripts with proper spacing,
Proof-read and re-read with accurate numbering
No run-on sentences with misspellings,
These are a publisher’s favorite things.

Authors with bios, a blog and a web site
Pictures professional, taken in good light,
Willing and ready to try anything
These are a marketer’s favorite things.

When you’re writing
Seems so frightening
When you’re feeling sad
Just simply remember these favorite things
And soon you’ll be feeling glad.

Use proper grammar, correct punctuation,
Be active, not passive, in all your creation.
Make sure each article tells just one thing.
These are a good writer’s favorite things.

“Don’t quit your day job, keep writing, keep trying”
Royalties, book lists and caffeine and whinning.
Words full of praise about all your writing,
These are a good writer’s favorite things.

Working at home in your bathrobe and PJs,
Feeling creative and smart on the good days,
Praising the Lord for the joy writing brings,
These are a good writer’s favorite things.

Tell your story,
For God’s glory!
Stop that feeling sad!

Just always remember these favorite things,
Trust God
And start feeling glad!

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