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Thursday, April 7, 2011

God's Gracious Gifts

By Sharon Wilhite

Photographing a delicate snowflake,
a fuzzy pussy willow,
a glistening dew drop,
or a pollen-coated bee emerging from a flower gives me indescribable pleasure. It doesn't matter if my right hand is numb with cold, my backside frozen to its icy perch, my elbows and knees muddy from kneeling, or my neck stiff from looking upwards too long.
I'm doing what I love to do. What gives you great pleasure? What do you endure for your passions?

Is one passion better than another? It is pointless and unwise to try and compare oneself with others. God is the One who gives the desires and determination tailor made for the individual. In fact, God's gifts are to be likened to the most unique, personalized present one could ever receive. It can be a lengthy but wonder-filled process to unwrap layer after layer of beautiful wrapping paper to finally see the gift in all its glory nestled inside...then, to carefully take it out, gaze upon it, enjoy it privately and share it publicly.

One can only contemplate in amazement- in awe- the thought that went into the gift. (Psalm 40:5, 139:14,17) God Himself picked out this gift especially for ME! No sense of inflated self-importance or pride here. One doesn't choose, buy, or even give to others these unique talents. One just receives them.

Many unwise individuals choose to leave their gift(s), still wrapped and collecting dust, on a dark closet shelf. Others actually unwrap and discover their beautiful gift only to ensconce it forever in a glass display case. Admired but unused.

UNWRAP! ENJOY! USE!!! God delights in giving "good and perfect gifts." (James 1:17) In return, appreciate and delight in the GIVER and His gifts!

Further thoughts on gifts:
God's Best Gift - John 3:16, Romans 6:23
Use/Misuse of Gifts - Matthew 25:14-29

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  1. Great reminder! Thanks, Sharon! Are these your photographs? They are beautiful.