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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Determining my Direction

By Kathryn C. Lang

The seminar promised to provide tips for how blogging and journalism would work together in the future. I went for the connections as much as I went for the information. I came away with a new perspective on what I do and who I am.

It was one of the last questions of the night that sent my thoughts spinning. “What is the difference between a blogger and a journalist?” The panel had several thoughts, but none of them fit me. On the drive home, my thoughts spun around my own question. “What kind of writer am I?”

Do you know what kind of writer you are? Do you even have a plan or do you just let the words flow where they may?

I am a pantser – for you NaNoWriMo fans out there. I have been known to write out an outline. But much like the recipes in my books, they are there for suggestions not to actually follow. I go where the words want to lead. Unless I have to take the words where I want them to go. So I guess I am not a complete pantser after all.

I am a columnist. I write a regular column for the local paper where I offer tips for unlocking a life of peace and joy. I write what I want to write. Unless the editor asks me to do a news story, and then I write what he asks me to write. I guess I am not just a columnist.

I am a blogger – which means I am about starting conversations with others (if the panel from the other night is to be believed). I produce posts that stir emotions and drive comments. Except that my posts rarely produce comments and are more likely just shared by readers with others. I guess I am not really a blogger, at least by their definition.

These were some of the ideas that kicked around my head for the drive home. I left the music off and let the thoughts take the lead. I threw into the mix my purpose, my mission, my vision and other ideas gleaned from my writing plan (think business plan only focused on my writing journey).

Things began to clear up as I turned into my drive. I slept on them and by morning they had crystalized. I am a wordsmith. Through words – written, spoken, blogged, journaled – I help to inspire hope.

What are you?

If you are not sure of your direction then you will never be able to determine when you arrive.

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