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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Hope of Tomorrow

By Kathryn Lang

There are moments in life when you look around and wonder if the path you are on is in the right zip code for where you are supposed to be. Everything looks wrong, feels wrong and even wears wrong. You just feel out of place.

I was there. Not only had my mother died, but the deadline I set for getting on the map with my writing and speaking had slipped past at the same time. I looked around and realized that nothing was like I thought it should be. Quitting seemed to be the logical choice – or at least backing up and punting.

It got worse.

The moment I think that all of the shoes have dropped and all of the rugs have been pulled out from under me is often the same moment it gets even worse. I got an email that cut my pride and even integrity – and it happened in front of my kids and my nephew.

My gut instinct was to react in kind. Calmer heads prevailed. I responded with a basic “this could have been handled better and best of luck in the future.” That alone was an example to those watching my reactions. My next step was even more important because I chose to let the past stay in the past and I jumped with both feet into the future that I had moments before been contemplating letting go.

That is why they say when you feel you are at the end of your rope then tie a knot and hold on. Tomorrow holds the hope – and it always shows up just when the time is right.
My choice to look at the problem as a possibility paved the way for two interview requests, one book review request, and one addition contact the holds unknown potential (and they all came in one day). My children and nephew witnessed firsthand that doing what I knew to be right opened the door for a heaping of blessings.

Keep holding – keep hoping – and keep pushing, because tomorrow will bring the dawn that you desire.

My Secrets for Holding On

- Surround yourself with others that believe in your dream. Even one person that says you can do it when you hit that brick wall can be enough to get you over that wall and moving forward again.

- Review your own actions before requesting action from others. Do all that you can do, FIRST. Once you have those actions in place then reach out.

- Ask for help. You know who to ask, so ask. There are people out there that want nothing more than to support you in your journey. Ask for their support in the way that you know suits them best.

- Keep praying. Pray about your own situation, but look for opportunities to lift up others in prayer. Focusing on the lives of others often brings clarity into our own lives.

Tomorrow hold the hope – and you need to find your own keys for reaching out to that hope until you have it in your grasp.

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  1. Each day certainly has enough trouble of its own; even harder when those troubles feel like they are multiplying. We grabe those two good things that happen every once in a while and store them as treasures in our hearts during the times of drought. A good friend is gold and rubies.

  2. Good friends can be the key to seeing the rainbows in our lives. I am glad for those that are willing to step out and send a note, give me a call or buy my family a meal just because they feel the leading of God.


    May God bless each of us with friends that will provide us with the Hope of Tomorrow.

  3. I've had quite a few unexpected circumstances come into my life the past few weeks, things that create confusion and heartache. But God does prepare us for what He brings into our lives. One big source of encouragement for me has been Cecil Murphey's latest book "Making Sense When Life Doesn't" It just came out and the practical advice speaks straight to my heart, reminding me to keep my focus on the Lord and not on the problems.

    Thank you, Kathryn for your wise words of hope.