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Thursday, January 6, 2011


By Marvin Ferguson

Jerry loved to take long walks in the park. Surrounded by darkness with only the glow from the Paul Revere lamps along the street, he reflected. Tonight, he thought about being the best pitcher on the "Morning Star" baseball team.

One hundred feet away from a twelve-inch square on the garage wall, he practiced until his tennis ball landed inside the square every time. But that wasn't good enough.

With a good friend, on a corner lot, Jerry continued practicing with a hard ball covered with stitches until it was perfect.

But what is perfect? Perfection was allowing the ball to rocket over the edge of home plate and roll off either the right or left side. Later, most batters struck out and the fans loved it.

Smiling, back in the park, jerry thought about another goal of perfection: reading the Bible assured jerry's security in Jesus Christ. "I can't miss," he thought.

The average walk for jerry was an hour. With pleasant thoughts flowing through his brain he could stay in the park all night.


  1. Thank you for allowing me to share my views about the Good Life from a practical, biliblical view.

  2. As a former (very poor) pitcher, I really appreciated this post. Perfection in pitching I could never achieve, but how great to be reminded that through Jesus Christ, I am perfect in my Father's eyes.