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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Working Together, introducing Marvin P. Ferguson

      Baseball is my favorite sport. As a kid growing up in the windy city, Chicago, I often gathered on a corner lot with my friends in blue jeans, sport shirt, and tennis shoes. With a tattered baseball and splintered bat we played baseball all day.

Living on the north side of Chicago, I was a Cub fan. Every chance I got I found myself at Wrigley Field watching them play ball.

Baseball games intrigue me. I like to watch all the action. A curve ball, home run, or spectacular catch, keeps me with the other fans sitting on the edge of our seats. Then there is stuffing a hot dog in our mouth and gulping down ice-cold soda.

Working together was important. Good pitching, fielding, and hitting produces a winning ball club.

As a Christ follower for many years, led by the Holy Spirit, we work together. Just like in baseball, teamwork throughout my life is important.

By Marvin P Ferguson

A diehard baseball fan and former youth baseball coach along with personal experience, Marvin P. Ferguson is the author of Boys on the Gold Coast, a story about a group of boys who are the composite of every kid who wasn't afraid to get dirty, or play with splintered bats and tattered baseballs and use his imagination.


  1. From one Cub fan to another, great baseball analogy, Marvin!

  2. Marvin, great to see you on this new blog. Your introductory post does a great job creating nostalgia. Some of the pick-up games I enjoyed as a kid were my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. For some reason, teamwork made me feel more connected to my friends than just sitting around talking. I like how you compared that bond to the one we have with our Christian "team."